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Caring For Animal Health

Dunthorpe Farm is a specialty practice devoted to enhancing small animal and equine wellness and performance.

Our Promise to You

Promoting health through a holistic approach using acupuncture, chiropractic, laser, nutrition and dentistry.  Dunthorpe Farm is committed to working closely with your regular veterinary practitioner in order to optimize your animal athlete's health and performance.    

Natural Healing

 Dr. Foltman is available to see small animal and equine patients at Dunthorpe Farm, Hillsboro, Virginia. 

Dr. Foltman also travels to horse clients in Northern Virginia

Additional Locations

 Dr. Foltman is available to see small animal patients at Animal Holistic Center, Springfield, Va

Dr. Foltman also travels to New York to see small animal patients at Animal Performance Center, Genoa, NY 
and at Houndstooth Bakery and Boutique, Sidney, NY

She is also available to see equine patients in the Central NY region.

All appointments are scheduled through Dunthorpe Veterinary Services. 

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Our Services

Manual Therapy

Dr. Foltman provides chiropractic care, trigger point therapy and fascia mobilization to horses and small animals.


Dry needling, aquapuncture and electro-acupuncture are utilized to enhance healing, reduce pain and aid in the treatment of many medical conditions.

Equine Dentistry

Dental disease and malformations cause training issues and poor performance.

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